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Krishna Industries has not only helped increase Telecom penetration in several parts of , rural India

Company Overview

Krishna Industries has not only helped increase Telecom penetration in several parts of rural India, but is also seen as a 'dependable partner' to implement Telecom services in 'hostile environments'. Our Towers have been deployed in areas where civilian conflict, inaccessible terrains and hostile climatic conditions have deterred other communication providers from entering.

Be it providing connectivity in extreme areas where the Indian Army operates, or the remotest areas of Bihar and the North Eastern States where road connectivity is poor, mobile communication depends on these towers. By providing cost-effective communication when and where it's required The towers or poles come in 2 varieties: ground-based (GBT) and roof-top (RTT); and all of them meet the safety and environmental regulations stipulated by the Government and various agencies. Our company installed around 10000 Towers in various parts of India.

Who We Are

Telecommunication is pivotal to a country's socio-economic growth. It is one of the main architects of the accelerated growth and progress of different segments of the economy. Increasing connectivity is highly instrumental in improving governance, business communication, security and response to emergencies and in the overall strengthening of the socio-cultural ethos of the country. Indus Towers, as the world's largest telecom tower Company is enabling communications revolution into a significant new phase.


Ensure best-in-class processes and a continuous improvement culture that provides reliability, scalability and highest quality at optimum cost


Be the preferred partner to our Customers with the highest levels of responsiveness Consistently


Maintain and promote the highest standards of professional conduct by being fair, honest and transparent in all actions and decisions


Think and work together beyond self, functional boundaries, hierarchies, businesses and geographies. Actively encourage mutual respect, sharing and collaboration.


Be responsible and sensitive towards the environment, and the communities in which we operate. Uphold the highest standards of health and safety.

Our Vision Statement

"we transform lives by enabling communication"

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