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These telecommunication towers have been used for both CDMA and GSM needs.

We are a well-known name in the domain engaged in providing Tower Erection Service. We are in the business of installing Roof Top Towers and providing the same to telecom service providers on a sharing basis. We have a tenancy of one per tower. These telecommunication towers have been used for both CDMA and GSM needs. Our Roof Top Towers are normally 15 meters in height and are considered structurally stable assuming a wind speed of 180 km per hour.

Krishna Industries has not only helped increase Telecom penetration in several parts of rural India, but is also seen as a 'dependable partner' to implement Telecom services in 'hostile environments'. Our Towers have been deployed in areas where civilian conflict, inaccessible terrains and hostile climatic conditions have deterred other communication providers from entering. Be it providing connectivity in extreme areas where the Indian Army operates, or the remotest areas of Bihar and the North Eastern States where road connectivity is poor, mobile communication depends on these towers. By providing cost-effective communication when and where it's required, Infratel has made a significant difference to the 'quality of life', in the communities it serves.

In India, we have a vast footprint of over 35,000+ towers across 18 states of the Union of India. Both the anchor operator and the co-operator can share the same infrastructure. This includes the Tower and Shelter for housing the Base Transceiver Stations, the onsite Power Supply equipments like Diesel Generators, Battery Banks, Transmission Room, as well as services related to Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Overhauling and Upgradation of the above. The operators need to invest only in the 'Active Equipment which includes antennas, transceivers and associated equipment.

The towers or poles come in 2 varieties: ground-based (GBT) and roof-top (RTT); and all of them meet the safety and environmental regulations stipulated by the Government and various agencies.